About Chelberg Foods

 About Us

It all started  in 1984 in a  small bar and grill in Omaha’s famous Old Market District.  It was there local  Chef Steve Chelberg perfected his ‘Chef Secret’ seasoning blend. This signature seasoning was the backbone ingredient  for all of  his restaurants meats.  After numerous requests to host catering parties and private dinners, Chef Steve decided to branch out into catering.

In 1986 Chef started another company called A-Rent-A-Chef Catering.  It was a   success! Customers raved about the outstanding flavor and tenderness of the cooked meats.  Many requests came to the chef . What is your “secret”?   The answer is  “Chef Secret”! One thing lead to another and Chef started selling seasoning in brown paper bags to a few loyal customers.  Demand continued  for  “Chef Secret” and the seasoning   soon arrived  in the retail market !

In 1995, the first bottle of A-Rent-A-Chef  “Chef Secret”Seasoning was manufactured for consumer  use, The rest is history.   Soon Chef Steve added  other seasoning blends including a Chipotle and Reduce Sodium. Chef newest product is his amazing Steak and Chop dipping sauce.

After 18 years in the retail industry, Chelberg Foods is proud to be serving thousands of grocery and meat markets throughout  Midwest United States , Canada and Alaska.