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Chef Secret

Created by a chef with thirty years experience, this unique secret recipe seasoning is a hit.

Low Sodium

A-Rent-A-Chef Reduced Sodium Seasoning is a great alternative for those needing to watch their sodium intake.


A-Rent-A-Chef Chipotle Seasoning is a unique versatile blend of all-natural smoked peppers and spices.

Chef Secret 32 oz

Supersize your favorite all natural seasoning! Created by a chef with thirty years experience, this unique secret recipe seasoning is a hit.

Our History

It all started in 1984 in a small bar and grill in Omaha's famous Old Market District. It was there local Chef Steve Chelberg perfected his original chef secret seasoning blend in his downtown restaurant. His signature premier seasoning rub was the backbone to the great flavor of his prime rib, steaks, ribs, chicken and veggies.

In 1986 Chef started another company called A-Rent-A-Chef Catering, his customers always asked what seasoning he used to make the meat taste so fabulous. His answer was my Chef Secret. One thing lead to another and he started selling seasoning in brown paper bags to customers, as you know, the rest is history.

Year of 1995, the first bottle of A-Rent-A-Chef Seasoning was manufactured for consumer retail. Chelberg Foods is proud to be serving thousands of grocery and meat markets all over the Midwest, Canada and Alaska.

As a Chef, my mission on this culinary adventure to chefs, pit masters, or anyone who loves food was to create a versatile all purpose all natural seasoning that compliments beef, pork, chicken, seafood and veggies. Our seasonings can be used as dry rub, or just sprinkle and cook. All my seasonings and sauces are made with highest quality spices from around the world. Like I say, "Anyone can be a chef with A-Rent-A-Chef Seasoning".


Chef Chelberg

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Allergen Information